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******How To Benefit from This Course**********

This Course has been arranged in topics. Each topic has an introduction, a learning objective and a number of lessons which is self-paced in subsections. The important keys are named Back to go the previous subsection, Current to remain at the same subsection, Next to go the next subsection or End end the exercise. A number of references have been added towards the end of the course to enrich your reading. Please try to utilise them as they will increase your understanding of the topic.

There are several due dates for a number of activities throughout the topics that you are expected to meet. Some of these are assignments to be done on your own, there are journals and wikis which you may be required to participate in. Others will be done in groups and you may also be required occasionally to make class presentation. All of these assignments and activities can be accessed by clicking on the links where additional instructions have been given.

Communications will take place primarily via email, discussion forum, wikis, blogs or through given assignments. Other possible forms of communication may include telephone and face-to-face meetings during office hours. However for this additional mode of communication you will be notified whenever appropriate.

All the Topics will be accessible at an appropriate time, but students can access all the materials whenever they are connected to the internet and to the Uganda Health Federation  Learning Management Systems.

Action 1: Check the General News and Announcements forum each time that you enter the Learning Management System.

Action 2: Please take this pre-survey before you continue

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